Monday, June 13, 2011

Wanderer in Blue

Wanderer in Blue
drawing featured in Anansesem May 2011

Some nights you dreamt of forests. Oceans of trees and tangled little fears… the things mothers know all too well, but do not speak of, especially not to their little girls. (We pretend that little girls are not wild, feral creatures from birth, but really we fool no one.)

At first, you panicked, but then… but then it drew you in. What would happen if you wandered a little further? The leafy whispers and the blueness spoke to you softly, brushed against your cheek, promised you an inner world that would remain unscratched, untarnished by the day’s small tragedies.

Sometimes, on the edge of sleep, you willed yourself to fall headfirst into the cracked blue sky, to remain so still you could feel the glow of the very moment you entered the dream...


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