Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces

My goodness, I have not updated this blog for what seems like so long. The past few weeks have been so incredibly busy, productive and surprising that I am just now pausing to catch my breath a bit. On the first Saturday of this month I took part in the annual Bits & Pieces event, which was held this year at Movie Towne, Invader's Bay. Twas the biggest artisan's market I've been a part of thus far... and I was more than just a little anxious about the scale of it! Things went beautifully, though. The flow of energy was wonderful, and we met some lovely, creative, energizing folks there. A couple of paintings found new homes, and so did many of the notebooks, bookmarks and gift sets on the bright little table pictured below. I think things like this have become largely about the sharing of energy for me. They are sooo creatively revitalizing, and so inspiring. I've also revived my Etsy shop, and filled it up with some new little things. I will update soon. So much to share with you.

I hope you're well. <3



Handpainted bags. These are sewn by my grandmother. :)

greeting cards and notepads

art bookmarks! 

bookmarks, gift sets, keychains

and me! :D