Monday, December 2, 2013

The Colouring Book

The Wildflower Studio colouring book has been one of my most beloved projects to date. 

I had so many ideas, too many to fit in this one little book. 

In creating the illustrations for it, I found myself unexpectedly returning to my own childhood, to the place where I grew up, and to the things that move me most... the things I wished I could give back to myself. I followed my feeling.

The end result is a book filled with images of tenderness, wonder in nature and maternal love. It celebrates female relationships, and seeks to provide images of that healing, life-sustaining love between sisters and friends that is so often flattened out and robbed of its power. 

They are what I believe to be the kinds of images that Trinidadian girls can easily grow with, and see themselves and their aunts, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and friends in. 

It's a little book I am proud of, and one I wished I had when I was eight years old, and just starting to grapple with so many painful and difficult questions about myself.

It's hand-bound and backed with repurposed cardboard, and beautifully designed and printed by Kevin. <3

More photos there as well.