Saturday, December 22, 2012

Commissions, and Connections. :)

Today a lovely young woman came by to pick up a commissioned painting. I was anxious, as I always am when someone finally meets their painting face to face. I am always looking for that involuntary first reaction, hoping for a gasp of recognition, an instant connection with the piece. I unwrapped the painting and showed it to her. She took a breath, and hid her face with her hands. When she lowered her hands, her eyes were glistening with tears. Even before she spoke, I knew from that first reaction that something special had happened between her and the painting. It was the most beautiful, inspiring thing that has happened to me in awhile, especially in these past few months, where I have been caught up in making things to be sold. At the heart of everything I do, there is this: the belief that art connects us to each other in a basic, inexplicable way. I needed dearly to be reminded of this.