Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mother in the Morning

Was recently re-reading Mother in the Morning. The impact this little poem had always startles me, when I really think about it. It was my first piece accepted for publication (Bim, May '09) and was a contender for Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul. I love it so dearly because it reminds me of those early days of writing, the sense of discovery, that tremulous feeling of being just on the edge of something. Thought I'd share it here, along with a drawing.

Much love.

Mother in the Morning

Mother sips tea in her garden on mornings,
abandoning the kitchen that echoes with breakfast,
lunch kits, laces untied, and the dripping faucet.
She sits on a cracked footstool in complete silence
as the heat from the teacup rises up
whispering warm, comforting secrets
only she can understand.

There are sharp things in the ground
and her hands are soft
yet she never wears gloves.
She is not afraid of the damp, dark earth
with its shards of buried glass and crawling creatures.
She has planted hope with her own hands,
seen it grow tall, and bright with butterflies.

When my mother’s hands are in the dew- damp dirt
and she is fragile in the quiet morning light
I can see the shapes of sharp things buried in her.
I realize how the fluorescent kitchen light dims her,
hides that secret flower she is growing
That can only be seen in morning light,
and blooms only when she does.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shape and Blindness

This piece is currently for sale, already framed. If you're interested, give me a shout nah? Feel free to share this with others who may dig it too.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I dreamt we ran across the world
barefoot, belly full of joy
our feet like wings
bearing us on concrete clouds.

You showed me the vastness of space,
whispered in my ear

Then the same ground fell away
beneath our feet

and there was water, 
vast and dark
filled with one eyed creatures
leaping and wailing.

Still we ran,

our legs like cannons
shooting into the wet, deep earth
like violent stars

Till we reached its end.

We stood at the silent, trembling edge
every breath an explosion in the stillness

and I woke, shocked by air and space,
your whispered words still on my skin.


Detail, Watercolour Portrait of Kevin

We're still running, love.
Happy Birthday.