Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hope is a thing that grows....

This painting occupies a wall in my mother's classroom. (She trust me, eh?) It started as a small thing, a feeling of uncertainty. I didn't really want a concept, I just wanted an idea, a flash, a shape to build around.

So she isn't lost, although she looks it. She comes back to the hope tree to reassure herself that hope keeps growing, no matter what doubt, what change waits in the distance.

Painting this was a comfort, a light... hope someone else finds it something of warmth too.


1 comment:

  1. I am drawn to the colors first. They project a happy feeling, that certain innocense and pure joy childhood brings; then I look to see what the story is about. Adulthood, reality and the future could be those gray buildings beyond the hills. It doesn't look very inviting, but one must get there at some point even if it is curiosity that drives you to get there. It might not be as forbidding as it looks. One interpretation.