Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Mango Fairy

I just liked the idea:)... It's been a tough mango season thus far... our starch tree has produced a grand total of three gnarled ones, and the julie trees are just putting out little ones. My grandmother grieves for mangoes, reveres them almost. She watches the growing Julies every day, cups them, talks to them, warns the dogs against interfering with them. This is where the idea first came from.

If I squint up at the tall mango tree by the back fence, I can just picture Mango fairy sitting on a branch, legs dangling among the leaves. I like the expression on her face... almost caught in the act. And I think she's so beautiful too... Feel free to comment if you like.



  1. I like this one. Your paintings are lovely. Do you sell them/exhibit?

  2. Thank you! I do sell if anyone expresses interest, but haven't had an exhibit yet. Hope to soon.

  3. This painting is so dreamy and perfect for a picture book. Have you illustrated any children's book by any chance? It inspires for writing.

  4. I find this image quite intriguing and I understand the yearning for mangoes. A character whispered to me from the corner of my mind once, she smelt of mangoes and when I saw your mango fairie I realized that was her.

  5. @carmen thank you! I am illustrating a children's book for a friend right now, but I have hopes of writing and illustrating a book myself soon:)

    @Thebitterbean... how beautiful! don't you just love when that happens?