Saturday, January 7, 2012

too many hands

I'm craving simplicity. Clean, bold lines. I love this drawing for that same reason, and also because of the strong, simple idea. Too many hands round your neck, round your decisions. Pretty hands, hands that love and mean well, but suffocate nonetheless. It's a reminder of the need to be free, and to be creatively true to myself, in art and in life.

I am not finished with my bird ladies yet, but taking a necessary break to work on some paying projects. (yay for those!) I'm still learning the importance of giving ideas room to breathe and grow, and not strangling them with fear or enthusiasm. I'm prone to that, yup. 

Growth is good, and it's just the right season for it. So here's this drawing, and a bit of poem I've been working on. 

Be well.

I am trying to write a new poem

one that will not read
like a drawn out sigh

one that needn’t be worn
on my chest like a handprint, slow-
blooming bruise, long, feral cry

a new poem,
one that will not chase me
further from my home

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