Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a january day...

Today I wandered about my yard with the camera. The house was eerily quiet in the aftermath of the Christmas/ New Year chaos. My mother was puttering about in the garden, and we joined her. I snapped these throughout the day, for no specific reason that I can think of, except that I wanted to.

My Kev on the roof against the wide open sky. The sun is blazing overhead.

My odd blue toes, and the remains of missiles that flew into the yard on Old Years' night. There were at least four or five of them. We even found one of our dogs with half a rocket in his mouth. Sigh.

All kindsa life forms in mommy's plant pot.

A lovely dead thing, a few hours before it was uprooted.

An exceptionally beautiful cluster on the Crown of Thorns.

A spot on the wall that was just plain pretty:)

One of my brother Joshua's interesting twist-tie warriors hanging from the candelabra.

An afternoon of small flowers <3

There are sharp things in the ground
and her hands are soft
yet she never wears gloves.

Kev and the dead tree. I realize now that there is a sense of mourning about this.

The light is starting to fade by now.

His hands, when he does not realize I am looking <3

The fir tree illuminated in the last flare of evening's light

Rain beneath the streetlight. It comes suddenly and fiercely.

and the last of the light is gone.

To many more days like this.
Have a lovely January.



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