Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Things

I'm working on a series of little, postcard-sized watercolour, ink and collage pieces. It's very comforting, in a way, after the scale and the boldness of the mural for the Urban Heartbeat Project. The idea behind this is that I want to share these, send them out into the world, into someone else's hands and home. I think they are spirited little things, and that they bring lovely energy with them. I'm not selling these, I just want to give them away:) If you're interested in one, email me at, or comment below. I will post the photos of all when they're done.



  1. BEAUTIFUL WORK!---i would love to have them all---LOL---going to spread your creation around so others can feel your vibez!

  2. Thank you so much!! :D feel free to repost, or spread around in any way.