Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Clay Lady

Today I randomly ended up buying a couple of pounds of clay. I didn't leave home with the intention of getting clay, but it happened along the way, somehow. I've never really dabbled much in clay, save for one misshapen mermaid sculpture in secondary school. I sat in the yard and whacked it about for awhile. It was quite a challenge to keep the dogs from eating it.

So from start to finish, The Clay Lady took about six hours. The act of forcing the shape into being, then honing the finer details, felt so unexpectedly good and satisfying. I took some pics with my phone along the way, because I found the process quite interesting. Glad I did!!

Painting the clay lady red.

And this is the Clay Lady, completed. There are wire hearts blooming from her belly. One of these days I will take her out into the garden and snap some proper pics of her.


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