Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dryad in Stages

 I like taking pics of my pieces while in progress. Mostly it's just an odd quirk, but it does give me perspective. I've been going through my files, and realize that there are a lot of progress shots in there. I think they're fun, and exciting. To see something becoming is always remarkable. I've added a few here.

1) Dryad. The pencil/ pen/ marker framework is already in place here. Starting to work on the shading of the face. Love this stage, when the faces come into themselves.

 2) Most of the face and body is done in the second image. The skin on this one involved a lot of different textures and strokes. I'd just started the hair as well. 

3) And the final thing:)


  1. I really enjoyed the development of this piece! Great work! I first saw your stuff on We Does Draw, I'm happy to see you're a fellow blogger as well.

  2. Thanks! will post some other pieces in progress soon. I remember you from WDD too. Glad to see you here, and thanks so much for all the lovely words on the pieces.