Monday, August 1, 2011

Ordinariest of Angels

Once upon a time, I loved pencil. In my secondary school art years, the BIC mechanical pencil was the ting self. I was hesitant with paint, intimidated by pastels... but with that particular type of pencil, I felt freest to draw what I needed to. 

I hadn't done anything with a mechanical pencil (except make frantic notes and draw trees and eyes in margins) in years. So a couple of days ago, when I picked one up and began to doodle, I was a bit startled by how comfortable, how easy and how right it was. It seems like a small revelation, but the best ones are always small:)

Anyway, here is my newest mechanical pencil piece: Ordinariest of Angels. I seriously dig this one, folks. 
Lesson learnt: do what you like. it's funner that way ;)


"Ordinariest of Angels" July 2011